Meet Kendall

Hi I am Kendall, an Entrepreneur, wife, mother and a nanna whose dream is to coach, motivate, inspire and partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners to help them launch businesses, be authentic and find balance in the process!

You are looking at the girl who became a teenage mom at 17. Taking final exams on my bedroom floor to graduate, college plans changed and now a baby relying solely on me. Me, still a child myself and now dependent on government assistance to help me. 


Then one day I decided I was so much better than my current circumstances and wanted so much more! 


I didn’t want to pawn jewelry or get payday advances anymore just to pay bills or to get groceries. So, I take a tax preparation class in 2000, not thinking much more of it than it’s a class. I rent a small space in a storefront and made more money in 4 months than I had in a year with my salary. Taking that tax prep course made me so much more than a certified tax preparer. It made me an entrepreneur! 


I've tried my hand at several businesses; MLMs, Sold t-shirts, sold detox teas, booked vacations and etc. All which I made a lot of mistakes but I learned from each mistake. No one coached or mentored me, no one tried to educate me on the right way to start and manage a business. People kept information to themselves because they only wanted my money. There were no resources, no courses, no social media and I lost a lot of money and made hella mistakes relying on the knowledge of others or them holding the information I needed to succeed.


Then I realized no one cared more about my success than me! But That’s where I differ. I do care about the success of others! I want to see you win in business and because of my mistakes, losses and lessons and now running successful WFA (Work from anywhere) businesses, I have gained  so much knowledge to help others not only successfully launch in improve their business but also to help women live their most authentic lives, finding balance in the process! My Sister...Just Breathe