I'm Not Your Superwoman!

How often do we suffer from Superwoman syndrome without even knowing we are suffering from anything? How many capes do you have in your closet or do you wear day in and day out trying to be all to all? Trying to keep it all together; the house, the kids, the job, the business, the marriage, the friendships, the cat, dog and the goldfish! Going day-by-day not realizing we are suffocating and wearing ourselves too thin!

I decided to hang up my cape for at least one day and to take a minute not to focus on the house, the kids, the business or etc. but simply medicate myself with peace and tranquility for a moment to just breathe and find balance. It was tough but I have become a pro at this now. We often feel doing something for ourselves makes us selfish but NOT doing doing something for yourself will cause you to Self-Destruct!

I encourage you my sisters, to take at least one day a week to soak in a bath, light some candles, pour a glass of wine or beverage of your choice, get a massage, escape to a quiet place and take some time for just you!

On this one day let everyone know "I'm Not Your Superwoman!! Not today at least. You can put the cape back on another day. I promise it'll still fit! #MySistersJustBreathe

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